The True Meaning of Christmas

You think that the true meaning of Christmas is elves, or presents, or giving, or Jesus, or the winter solstice? No! I’ll tell you the true meaning of Christmas.

Imagine an endless future of genocide and torture, of concentration camps, mutilation, rape, war, and famine. Imagine rivers of blood. Imagine layers upon layers of dried blood on the ground after generations of human butchering. That is the true meaning of Christmas.

Imagine a long dusty dirt road lined with rusty barbed wire, with searing heat and loud wind. This road, which spreads across an entire continent, connects an array of giant slave camps producing an assembly line of tanks and bombs that will only be used to kill them later. The harsh wind, which sears the skin with sharp sand, will not drown out the screams.

The atmosphere is filled with poisonous gas and the little rain there is gives people chemical burns. Many are blinded and disfigured with puss-filled boils and giant tumors. Inch-long flies buzz noisily and feed upon our open sores.

Imagine a stone room miles underground. In this room is a machine filled with razor—sharp gears. Strapped to this machine is a man, who has been forced to run the machine his entire life. He has never known another human. He does not even know other humans exist.

Now imagine there is a cliff in a fog. A woman is standing on a thin ledge. She doesn’t know how high she is. She has been climbing down for days, but has yet to reach the bottom, and it only gets darker and darker.

A mother is forced, with guns aimed at her own children, to give them each a lobotomy. Meanwhile, a toddler, barely old enough to speak, is being trained to skin people alive. A guard will amuse himself by slicing open a man’s chest and eating his still-beating heart and spitting blood into his face. A teenage girl is waterboarded with urine and feces. An old man is disemboweled, then choked to death with his own entrails. A young woman is strapped to the ground while spiders eat her eyes and lay their eggs in her eye sockets.

The skys are filled with laser satellites which scan the ground and blast runaways. There will be no escape, no shelter, no shade, no respite, no sleep, no drugs, no laughter, no rest. Nothing to interrupt the continuous forced labor and torture. Not a moment of any day will be unsupervised. No one will be able to collect his thoughts or have even a moment of peace.

No natural life will remain. All biology will be under the control of the overlords. Not a single wild plant or animal will have been seen for generations. The oceans will have evaporated. All geologic activity will have halted and all mountains leveled.

From birth, people will know nothing but hunger, mass graves, and longing to be in one. There will be kittens and puppies, but they will only exist so that one can be brought out in front of a prisoner and told that it is the last one in the world before being ordered to crush it with his own hands.

Someone who was once your best friend will now betray your life for a single grape. Mind control probes will be used to prevent people from feeling anything but overwhelming hatred and dread. People will be given anterograde amnesia so that they will not remember their friends or family. They will no nothing about themselves even. Genetic engineering will be used to give people webbed toes and disfigure peoples’ voice boxes. They will only be able to scream, not to talk. Nothing will exist for them but continual pain and desperation.

Guards will be bred in human farms with genetic technology and hormones to give them superhuman strength and superhuman sadism. They will have many extra teeth, and will rape everything they see, even each other.

There is no hope, not even for death Because future technology will be used to revive and regenerate anyone who commits suicide. The worst offenders will be consigned to be tortured to death again and again forever. Only they will be allowed to have memories.

Imagine a giant boot crushing the face of humanity for all the rest of eternity and the unrelenting force of time erasing all memory and evidence of anything that once was good.

That is the true meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!