“She added that nothing about the 2018 edition had yet been

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe promoter of Montreal’s international electric car race has halted sales for next year’s edition after advertising it would take place downtown, despite the wishes of Mayor Valrie Plante.Earlier this week, a citizen drew Plante’s attention to promotional material being circulated by Evenko, which suggested the 2018 Formula E event would follow a circuit similar to this year’s.Valrie Plante promises more transparency at city hallDenis Coderre says it was a mistake not to release Formula E ticket numbers soonerThe 2017 circuit ran through the eastern end of downtown, forcing the closure of several streets, disrupting residents and businesses for close to two weeks.Following public anger, Plante campaigned on a promise to either move the race to the Gilles Villeneuve racetrack or cancel it altogether.”This is really surprising, because at this moment everything is on hold,” Plante said Wednesday during a Ville Marie borough council meeting, where a citizen showed her Evenko’s promotional material.Valrie Plante, seen here at her inauguration, campaigned on promises to relocate the Formula E race. (CBC)”As a new administration, we’re just now getting complete access to information we didn’t have beforehand.”She added that nothing about the 2018 edition had yet been finalized between the city, race promoter and organizer. It required an investment of at least $24 million from the city, and along with upsetting residents and businesses in the area, also appeared to be poorly attended.But then mayor Denis Coderre made the race a priority of his administration. He insisted on describing it as success, but refused to release figures about how many tickets were sold.Formula E: Making Montreal great again or the mayor’s Waterloo?Formula E attendance figures grossly inflated by freebies, organizer admitsDuring the election campaign, Coderre was repeatedly pressed on the sales figures. For weeks he demurred, saying it was up to Evenko to release the numbers.

Accordingly, from a pure cost benefit perspective, it may well be wrong to agree to such disproportionate exchanges. But democracies do not operate solely on a cost benefit basis because the families of kidnapped or hijacked citizens have a right to present their emotional Replica Designer Handbags case in the court of public opinion, as Gilad Shalit’s family, especially his mother, so effectively did. They can influence policy against a simple cost benefit calculation and in favor of a more humanistic approach. Israelis know Gilad Shalit. He is everyone’s son. They do not know those who may someday be killed by the released terrorists. They are faceless and nameless statistics at least for now. The pleas of the Shalit family resonate with every Israeli who loves their children.

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