His fluent German and contacts with the Berlin establishment

Canada Goose Parka Hollande would govern with male veterans

Canada Goose Jackets PARIS (Reuters) If Socialist challenger Francois Hollande wins Sunday Canada Goose Online French presidential election as expected, his government would include trusted old hands and as many women as men.

Francois Hollande, Socialist Party candidate for the 2012 French presidential delivers a uk canada goose speech during a campaign rally in Paris, April 29, 2012. REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen

The lion share of cabinet posts would go to Hollande centre left Socialist Party, with at most a few jobs reserved for Greens, Communists or other left wing allies if they accept his program, as in Canada Goose Outlet the last left wing government in 1997 2002.

Hollande has dodged all questions about who would be prime minister, saying only that it must be a fellow Socialist close to him and with substantial parliamentary experience.

That makes the leader of the Socialist group in parliament, Jean Marc canada goose Ayrault, 62, the favorite. His fluent German and contacts with the Berlin establishment would be Canada Goose online useful as Hollande plans to renegotiate a European budget discipline pact inspired by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who backed conservative buy canada goose jacket cheap President Nicolas Sarkozy re election bid.

Former finance minister Michel Sapin, 60, one of Hollande oldest friends, and Socialist Party chief Martine Aubry, 61, who was number two in the last left wing government, are also seen as possible contenders for the premiership.

Sapin has been a close friend since he and Hollande shared Canada Goose Jackets a dorm during military service in the 1970s and studied together at uk canada goose outlet the canada goose factory sale elite ENA college. He is seen as most likely to return Canada Goose Coats On Sale to the finance ministry, a post he held under the late President Francois Mitterrand in 1992 93.

canada goose There, he could work in tandem with Jerome Cahuzac, 59, head of the finance committee in parliament, a canada goose clearance sale member of Hollande economic team who might take the more junior position of budget minister.

Aubry, daughter of former European Commission President Jacques Delors, put in place the much disputed 35 hour work week as social affairs minister in 2000. An LH2 poll this week showed she was left wing voters preference for premier, but her ties with Hollande are prickly and she scares financial markets. She may opt to stay leader of the Socialist Party.

canadian goose jacket The foreign ministry could go to party heavyweight Laurent Fabius, 65, prime minister in canada goose clearance the mid 1980s under Mitterrand, or to Hollande campaign manager Pierre Moscovici, 54, who was minister for European affairs in the previous Socialist led government.

canada goose black friday sale Fabius canada goose uk black friday opposed the European Union constitutional treaty in a 2005 referendum, helping ensure its cheap Canada Goose defeat. But he has since softened his stance on Europe and is seen as an experienced international operator.

Canada Goose Outlet Manuel Valls, 49, media chief in Hollande campaign team and on the right wing of the Socialist party, has long coveted the interior ministry, where he would take a firm line on law and order, often seen as a weak spot of the left.

Socialist Jean Yves Le Drian, 64, president of the Brittany region, is virtually assured of the defense portfolio if the left wins, and has already held discreet contacts with London and Washington on military issues, insiders say.

canada goose deals The most powerful woman in an Hollande government could be Marisol Touraine, 53, widely expected to take on the sensitive labor and social affairs portfolio, in charge of employment and pension reforms.

Education, one of Hollande priority areas, is seen canada goose black friday sale going to Vincent Peillon, 51, a soft spoken philosophy teacher and European Parliament member who wants to make French schools less elitist and less competitive.

NEW PAGE FOR WOMEN Hollande former partner, Segolene Royal, 58, who lost to Sarkozy in the 2007 election, has hinted she expects to become president of the lower house of parliament after June elections.

buy canada goose jacket cheap But to fulfill his pledge of a gender balanced government, Hollande will need to draw cheap canada goose uk on a younger generation of women from the long male dominated Socialist Party.

cheap Canada Goose Among those tipped for cabinet roles are Aurelie Filipetti, 38, a possible culture minister, and two campaign spokeswomen who embody ethnic diversity, Najat Vallaud Belkacem, 34, born in Morocco, and Fleur Pellerin, 38, born in South Korea. From the older generation, Hollande may call on former justice minister Elisabeth Guigou, 65, a specialist on European affairs.

canada goose clearance sale The Green party has two female political heavyweights: first round candidate and former judge Eva Joly, 68, and party leader Cecile Duflot, 37, who is close to Aubry.

is time to turn a new page in terms of equality between men and women, Hollande said at a women rights conference in March. He has promised to create a ministry for women rights.

canada goose coats A possible canada goose coats wild card is Anne Lauvergeon, 52, former head of French nuclear group Areva and canada goose coats on sale a one time Mitterrand adviser, who criticized Sarkozy management of the nuclear industry during the campaign. Hollande recently doused talk of bringing her into government, prompting Lauvergeon to say she had the message


canada goose coats on sale Hollande has said he would definitely not copy Sarkozy by recruiting ministers from Canada Goose sale the canada goose uk outlet opposite side of the political buy canada goose jacket fence, nor bring back left wingers who served under Sarkozy.

One of his long time friends is among them: Jean Pierre Jouyet, 58, a former French Treasury head who worked for Delors at the European Commission, but went to Canada Goose Parka work for Sarkozy as Europe minister during France stint as EU president in 2008.

buy canada goose jacket While Jouyet is not expected to get a cabinet post, he may have an influential canada goose uk https://www.canadagoosesale.biz shop role in the president Elysee Palace staff.

Canada Goose sale Eliminated hard left presidential candidate Jean Luc Melenchon has said he would not join a cheap canada goose left wing government. Whether his Communist and Left Party supporters get cabinet jobs may depend canadian goose jacket on the outcome of June parliamentary elections. One possible contender is Clementine Autain, 38, spokeswoman for Melenchon Left Party.

canada goose clearance If Hollande wins, his inauguration would take place about 10 days after the election in time for the new president to attend a summit of canada goose store G8 leaders in the United States on May 18 19 followed by a NATO summit.


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