If you have a bounty when you’re clean shaven

Entrinity u

tylermagnus 3 canada goose outlet jackets points submitted 14 hours ago

I think during the missions when canada goose factory outlet you with Dutch. The entire gang is with you. As the task at hand is always something canada goose outlet nyc big. Pulling a heist on a train, robbing a bank, destroying a canada goose outlet uk sale town. Whatever it may be.

You be able to choose which gang members canada goose outlet reviews you want to take on these missions. With each having their own skills and goose buy canada goose jacket cheap outlet canada unique abilities. And as you take these members on the journey, you develop relationships with them. Possibly giving you rewards for building a strong canada goose clearance sale connection. Others might turn uk canada goose outlet their back against you as the group slowly falls apart. Because as you already know, the Dutch gang split up.

So maybe based on your decisions canada goose in the game. You Canada Goose Coats On Sale decide who sticks with you and those that will die or betray you.

I think rockstar is canada goose outlet going to utilize this gang system to test the waters for gta 6. I expecting it to be complex and deep to add some sort of canada goose outlet online uk variety on top of the amazing gunplay, horse riding.

Entrinity 2 points submitted 10 canada goose outlet in usa hours ago

Arthur doesn’t look very killable. Plus, ending the game with canada goose black friday sale the main character canada goose outlet shop being killed via some betrayal or large confrontation would be a big re hash. Not that rockstar cheap canada goose uk can’t do it well, canada goose factory sale official canada goose outlet but why re hash? If canadagoose-outlet.co.uk Arthur dies, I’d rather it be in a blaze of glory canada goose uk outlet defending his gang or something. That or he fakes his own death, either purposefully or accidentally. As far as canada goose jacket outlet I’m aware Chris Brown hasn’t done anything recently and if he has please inform me, but this seems completely unwarranted Canada Goose Jackets from my point of view. It’s like telling Alfred Nobel how terrible of a person he is for creating dynamite after he used his fortune to found the Nobel Peace Prize. For canada goose black friday sale clarification, I am not saying Chris Brown is comparable canada goose uk black friday to Alfred Nobel, this is just and example.

B0h1c4 879 points canada goose clearance submitted 1 cheap Canada Goose day ago

One thing that is canada goose outlet store critical in this conversation is to remember that everyone (practically) wants to Canada Goose Outlet reduce/eliminate school Canada Goose Parka shootings. There are just Canada Goose sale differing ideas about how canada goose coats on sale that should be approached.

Some people think that focusing on the guns is the answer. Some people think that focusing on the shooters canada goose outlet black friday is the answer. And some think that both need to be addressed. canada goose uk shop And they all deserve a voice in the conversation.

I think that the media has done a poor job of their reporting on this. canada goose outlet uk They have framed it as “People that want gun control canada goose outlet toronto factory want to save lives and gun rights people don care about school kids”. Which obviously is not the case. So I respect the hell out of canada goose outlet Canada Goose online new york city these kids for taking a stand when their position has been kind of demonized. Kudos to them.

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This would be asking for too much canada goose uk shop but imagine with if you will. buy canada goose jacket We have dynamic beard growth but Canada Goose Online on top of that it affects things. If you have a bounty when you’re clean shaven, the bounty hunter may just ride past you if you grow out your beard or vice versa. Or say you play a story mission clean shaven and then grow it out while not playing any missions, the next time the characters see you, they notice your giant beard or even question if it’s you at first. I know this would random canada goose store details that don’t affect canada goose outlet parka much but wow would that blow my mind.

SenseiAboobz 0 points submitted 4 days ago

Last gen console hardware had nothing to do with the physics being inferior in comparison with RDR, it was actually meant to be that way, or at least how R wanted it to be. There are Youtube videos showing modded versions of GTA V running on Xbox 360 with the exact same canada goose outlet canada physics of RDR with no performance issues whatsoever. I guess they just decided to go with a less realistic/more canada goose outlet online fun approach with the physics. RDR2 is canada goose coats another story though, I really believe they stick with the canada goose outlet uk canada goose sale same heavy and gory physics of RDR, they are perfect just as they canadian goose jacket are.

Entrinity 1 point submitted 3 days ago

I’ve never really canada goose outlet store uk liked when people use a video of something “with no performance issues” as proof. Just because game developers don’t want things to just run smoothly the first time they test it. They want it to be stable and run smoothly for everyone, in a perfect world. Think of it like this. A modder can put in a ton of police cars into gta 5 and the game will run, but that doesn’t mean rockstar was slacking on the amount of police cars that could be pursuing you. There’s a difference between what something is capable of doing and what it should do.


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