I Think I Know Who The Real Satoshi Is

This is my cat, Lemon. This is the real Satoshi.

I could hardly believe it when I first began to suspect, but the evidence has piled up. There are lots of cryptography books in his house, purportedly belonging to a roommate. He has no work history during the period of time that Bitcoin would have been created.

When I came home the other day he was lying on the keyboard. Who knows what he was coding.

When I asked him about his association to Bitcoin, he batted at my face and hid behind the shades.

When approached, he scurries away. What are you hiding, Lemon??

Well I’m getting bored now, so I guess I’ll just go ahead and say he’s definitely Satoshi. To much trouble to follow up on this story, so yeah, I’m totally certain he’s Satoshi.


Update: my investigative reporting has attracted the attention of Newsweek. More details will appear in an upcoming article there.