And it was equally as heartbreaking as it was liberating

What’s are the most fucked up things you think about on a regular basis

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canada goose uk black friday EDIT: The community at r/Stoicism has some good resources if you are interested in this sort of thing which probably explain this way better than I can off the top of my head!I done this, as a teenager. To be fair, I didn know I was going to do it until it was done. But I did it. And it was equally as heartbreaking as it was liberating. canada goose outlet in chicago But now, as an adult with my own family, I often think of this. Mostly about taking my son and he and I just leaving, moving cross country like I did before, or even to another country. I fantasize about picking him up from school and boarding a plane and landing in Ireland, our new home. canada goose uk black friday

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