The key is to have some target price or valuation that you

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canada goose coats on sale Idk why you so blinded canada goose outlet in usa by this stock. The company itself, with the best investment bankers money can buy, couldn even reach its roadshow target, meaning it needed $120mm cash just to stay afloat, it ended up getting commitments of $60mm (which at the current burn rate means they dead in half a year), with most institutional investors taking a hard pass. You realize that most in demand IPOs are like 10x oversubscribed, right? This POS couldn even get 1x subscribed. But I sure you know better than all those institutions who had pre IPO allocations allotted to them, and declined. canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap Lol. That not how a short squeeze works. Here how a short squeeze works: compliance comes knocking on your door, telling you that you breached your loss limits or you now in violation of your position sizing guidelines or violated some other risk framework criterion and need to exit. Large institutional funds are forced to cover, perpetuating the breach at other funds that might have had looser risk limits. canada goose vest outlet You really think HFs can baghold all day waiting for a recovery when they need to report to their LPs on, at very least a monthly, if not weekly, basis? buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose store No one cares about canada goose jacket outlet sale the retail shorts who are borrowing 10 shares waiting for some numbers report. canada goose store

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Canada Goose Outlet You made the right play. In the long term, you lose canada goose outlet nyc a lot more than you make playing on illiquid option chains, even if you miss big opportunities like this one. There have been a number of binary events that I had wanted to bet on, but the option chain robustness wasn there. You essentially be forcing yourself into a game where you have to hit home runs on every play canada goose outlet belgium to come out a canada goose outlet store toronto winner, whereas doubles and triples can still lose you money. It not a game you want to get sucked into. Canada Goose Outlet

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Canada Goose sale Idk why there canada goose stockists uk were like 6 posts assuming there are no legit “wall street traders” here. canada goose outlet las vegas I probably get a lot of flack for it, but I started my career in IB in one of the big “wall street banks”, that everyone here thinks is controlling the world and loves to hate. canada goose outlet toronto Did my analyst stint in M and restructuring. Moved from IB to PE for most of my career, but also spent some decent time at a HF. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance Because of my experience, specifically around special sits and restructuring, it influences a lot of how I evaluate a stock, namely around fundamental value. I was never on the markets desks where they were looking at daily price movements and all canada goose outlet legit the different signals. So the way I look at a stock is canada goose outlet factory more value oriented why is a stock cheaper than its peers, industry, what I think it should be canada goose outlet new york worth, etc. canada goose clearance

canada goose coats on sale This strategy actually burned me for a long canada goose outlet in toronto time, and I quickly realized the market can be irrational for very very long periods before your thesis will play out. This didn bode well for my hyper rational ideology, so it took some mental adjustment. It a fool game when you betting on value in a growth environment, and vice versa. I spent a lot of my time trying to eliminate beta and extract alpha, when so much of returns are beta driven, and a risk on/risk off approach would been much more successful. My success turned around when I realized these things and tried to incorporate a lot of the “irrational” market dynamics into my analysis momentum, technical indicators, etc. I don think it safe to trade on those signals alone (you could potentially pick up a number of pennies before the steamroller runs you over), so I try to marry fundamental analysis with market sentiment/technical canada goose outlet online reviews analysis. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose coats In other words, if canada goose outlet jackets I see a stock I canada goose discount uk think is undervalued, I will watch it for a bit. It might stagnate for months, but, when canada goose outlet online uk the market tide appears to be shifting in its direction, I start putting in a small position, and growing it over time as conviction deepens. The key is to have some target price or valuation that you think a security is worth, rather than “oh, it go up because everyone says it will”. This will help your entries and exits if you actually have an underlying thesis to which you beholden. canada goose coats

canada goose store Lastly, it super super important to understand risk. Only “bet” what you can lose, and have a risk framework in mind. I not saying FDs are retarded. they can be a lot of fun, but understand them for what they are gambling. I put some bets out there based on where I think market sentiment is flowing coupled with my conviction around a name and short term catalysts that might boost it, but I also canada goose outlet germany understand the risk behind those plays that value realization doesn occur within a week and that it very possible that I lose all that cash. despite having strong views on TSLA, I not playing those options given how expensive they are). canada goose store

canadian goose jacket At the end of the day, you learn a lot more through experience and what does and doesn work according to your personal style than asking for advice. I lost almost $20k on KORS earnings a few days back, and in canada goose outlet total that trade cost me $70k canada goose outlet 80 off in opportunity costs. stung for a while and made me trade emotionally for a canada goose outlet official little bit, but, after getting my head on straight, canada goose outlet phone number I realized that my portfolio and the risk framework I had implemented accounted for the possibility of that loss occurring. Since then, I been able to make about $50k of it back. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Parka Hope this is somewhat helpful. Good luck. Canada Goose Parka

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canada goose I not playing it. Options are too expensive. You could be right and still get burned if you even slightly off on timing, magnitude, or rate of change. canada goose

canada goose deals That the fundamental flaw I see repeatedly on WSB; people chase hype stocks, not realizing that the hype drives up IV. You way overpaying when that volatility doesn get realized. I saw people buying canada goose outlet michigan into IQ options when IV canada goose outlet website legit was at already 75%, and wondering why they losing their shirt. Ffs, my puts went up in value when IQ spiked 5% because the vega outpaced the delta by so much. Key to making safe plays is to buy into low IV and sell into high. canada goose deals

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Canada Goose Parka /shrug, I plan on buying into the Novembers if I can see a good entry. That gives me two earnings worth of IV extrinsic value. I also argue that if you comped it to other ad based tech companies, YELP is pretty cheap. Granted it canada goose clothing uk of a lower quality than the ilks of FB, but the challenge for YELP is whether its new business model of short term contracts will hurt overall profitability. The market is pricing in severe earnings deterioration from the contract structure. If the company can prove this isn the case, I could see it surpassing $50, as it should have after its last earnings release Canada Goose Parka.


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