Could there be intact bones still buried in the hill? That is

A Dinosaur Excavation in Montana

uk canada goose Matthew Carrano, NMNH Curator of Dinosauria, traveled to central Montana in August with a team of four Department of Paleobiology staff and a Research Student canada goose parka uk from George Mason University to collect fossils from Upper Cretaceous rocks of the Judith River Formation. Here is our trip canada goose jacket outlet uk report. uk canada goose

canada goose clearance Curator Matthew canada goose outlet online reviews Carrano studies ecosystems that existed 76 million years ago, during the Cretaceous. Canada Goose Outlet In recent years, his fieldwork canada goose outlet belgium has focused on collecting the fossils of small vertebrates in Montana, canada goose outlet vip but this year his field team canada goose outlet london task was to excavate dinosaur bones from canada goose outlet jackets a site discovered last summer. We spent a week digging carefully into a steep hillside and returned to the Museum with bones from a horned dinosaur (ceratopsian), as well as fossils of other species. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket cheap As rock weathers, it breaks apart and erodes away, canada goose factory outlet toronto location eventually exposing any fossils contained canada goose outlet paypal within it. Scraps of bone, like the rib fragments shown above, left, were discovered at the site last summer. Could there be intact bones still buried in the hill? That is that question that brought us to the site in August. When we arrived on the first morning, we gathered up all the weathered bone from the ground and began probing the hillside canada goose outlet price for unexposed bone. Michelle Pinsdorf (right) works the edges of an area (in the foreground, colored orange brown) where we found vertebrae and large pieces of ribs. All the bones canada goose parka outlet were present in the same layer of rock, suggesting they were buried at buy canada goose uk about the same time. Their proximity to each other suggested they might be from a single animal. Reducing weight is very important when field jackets are to be carried by hand from the quarry! Click photos canada goose outlet black friday to zoom. buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap canada goose uk By our last canada goose vest outlet day we had collected bones and teeth from at least two dinosaurs, and parts of a turtle. In addition, two other activities in the quarry added canada goose outlet trillium parka black to the data Matthew Carrano will use to decipher what this place was like when these animals lived and died. First, we dug trenches to expose unweathered rock above and below the bone layers and canada goose outlet website legit recorded the characteristics of each rock layer (above, left). Sedimentological data like this will provide information about the ancient environment. we collected sediments (right) that will be processed in goose outlet canada the lab and searched for the canada goose outlet woodbury minute fossils of small animals that shared the dinosaurs’ ecosystem. in FossiLab will prepare the fossils for study over the coming months. If you visit the Last American Dinosaurs exhibit this fall or winter, you may see the opened canada goose outlet edmonton field jackets in FossiLab. cheap canada canada goose parka outlet uk goose uk

canada goose coats An historical side note: Early 20th Century NMNH paleontologist Charles W. Gilmore collected dinosaur fossils in 1914 at Judith River Formation sites less than 20 miles from this summer excavation site. He returned to Montana in 1928, collecting at sites of similar age located farther to canada goose outlet uk sale the northwest, along the Milk River. We haven canada goose outlet vancouver found photos from the 1914 trip, but this one from our archives shows his 1928 camp. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Coats On Sale that permits are required to collect vertebrate fossils on public lands. Fossils collected canada goose sale uk on public lands remain the property of the American people and must be kept in museums or other public institutions. We thank the commercial fossil collectors who, while walking on private land adjacent to the site last summer, noticed pieces of dinosaur bone eroding from the ground there and alerted local BLM office. Since Matthew Carrano and colleagues were already working on BLM land in the region, he was asked to assess the site and subsequently was issued a permit to excavate and collect the bones for canada goose outlet los angeles the Smithsonian. by Abby Telfer, Michelle Pinsdorf, Advait Jukar and Matthew Miller. Thanks to Tom Jorstad canada goose victoria parka outlet and Department of Paleobiology volunteer Mark Lay for researching Gilmore collecting activities. More information about Gilmore can be found in an earlier post Canada Goose Coats On Sale.


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