While at one level, there is the construct of what Canada

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canada goose I know this is memes and stuff, but The Matrix might unironically have the best opening act of any action movie.In fact, the whole canada goose uk outlet script is like canada goose uk shop a perfectly compressed diamond. It took the Wachowskis five years to complete refine their script. Every scene serves a purpose. The opening is doing double or triple uk canada goose outlet duty in this regard.To summarize, the movie world has the following “power levels”:Ordinary schmoes who don realize they in the cheap Canada Goose MatrixRedpills (like Morpheus Trinity)”The One”Every action scene in the Canada Goose Online movie obeys these rules, throughout, from beginning to end. This is very important, there no scene in the film where Neo gives Morpheus canada goose outlet uk fake Trinity some kind of Braveheart pep talk and then all of a sudden they able to kick the asses together. Morpheus and Trinity are still running from the at the end of the movie. Everyone is static, Neo canadian goose jacket is the one who changes and grows. Every single action scene Neo is involved in (from the sneaking through the office scene where he fails his nerve gets caught by the cops, to the Dojo scene where he fights Morpheus but then fails the jump) is illustrating Neo growing step by step. A really good example of this is when Neo barely beats Smith in the subway but then has to run anyway because Smith just occupied a new Canada Goose Coats On Sale body. It isn until Neo is truly the One and sees the code that he can effortlessly defeat infinite Smiths.The reason the opening is so great is because it compactly illustrates the different tiers of power that the movie will need you to understand in order to tell the story. First time viewer: “Wow she kicked those cops asses, wait she can leap roofs is she some Canada Goose Jackets kind of superhuman? WAIT WHAT the Agent jumped Canada Goose online too? Wow she scared https://www.canadagooseoutletmall.com of those guys. wait where the fuck did she go? Why isn she in the phone booth rubble?”Immediately you understand Normal PeopleAll of this is done with some very well shot choreographed ACTION and almost no dialogue. While at one level, there is the construct of what Canada Goose Parka you said: the brilliant storytelling choices. But the whole movie trilogy operates also on a metaphorical inner level.The Matrix is Mind, or to be more precise: the imagination, the world of images. Imagination is a blessing and a curse. It creates comforting illusions but also births fear within us. The Wachowskis stated that they see movies themseves as Matrices and wanted to further drive this point home thorugh the film.The illusory nature of our own imagination keeps us trapped in a system of control created by ourselves. The residual self image is the Ego created by the Matrix to give us a contructed but false sense of self. These RSIs can be infiltrated by the personification of Ego and false self themselves: the agents, men who conform solely canada goose clearance to their programming and identities.When Neo awakens to the Real World, he sees the Body. It is decayed canada goose store and malnourished, nearly dead. The world is unconscious literally and metaphorically but through this realisation, Neo is shown how to canada goose black friday sale connect mind and body and awaken to the canada goose factory sale ultimate truth.To go further, we are shown two direct colours: blue and cheap canada goose uk green: Body and Mind. In the third film we are show a new colour: gold which Canada Goose sale is spirit and flows through all things machine. But that another discussion.The machines in the Real world represent mechanical thought patterns. They operate simply to exert control over free choice as represented canada goose by humans. It is this mechanical thought that has created the prison of the Matrix within our minds. Though they were intially good, they became negative thought patterns through repeated abuse and so The Matrix was born within and everyone became Canada Goose Outlet a slave to it.So how does Neo free himself? Through true buy canada goose jacket love first kiss, a biological physical reaction that can only occur between two people with exceptional emotional chemistry, that transcends the mind reality and destroys Neo Ego (Smith), allowing his true self to arise within. This is why we see Neo literally blow up Smith from within.But also beyond this, on a spiritual level, Trinity is called Trinity for canada goose coats a reason, she bestows the Holy spirit upon Neo, allowing him to be born again as his true self, while the Father (Morpheus) watches on.Neo, having overcome the world of images and seeing its falseness, now has complete freedom from mind made contructs and thus his fears, to the point he can fly and fully explore the possibilities of imagination. Watching The Matrix again today. I absolutely love the movies, and consider the first one a classic of the era. Though the philosophy and CGI derailed canada goose coats on sale a bit for uk canada goose me in the sequels, I believe there are actual Master level dissertations written on the themes and presentation of material in the series. In canada goose uk black friday fact, this quora answer speaks to precisely one of the major themes in your buy canada goose jacket cheap comment regarding the colors used in the Matrix.Edit: I partly wrong. The doctor slipping was apparently added to scenes from canada goose clearance sale the original story that was not working and needed to be saved, apparently the scene after in Jerusalem was part of the original screenplay canada goose.


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